March 28 Sunday Devotional

A Brief Update

For those of you who are unable to gather corporately with us this Sunday, you are loved and missed! If this is you, we are providing the songs we are singing together this Lord's Day afternoon and a devotional based on the sermon being preached.

Songs We are Singing Together

Devotional on John 11:17-27

Since we have a guest preacher this Sunday, Benny Phillips, no devotional is being provided. Instead, please take time to read and reflect on the passage Benny is preaching from, John 11:17-27. As an additional encouragement, below is a portion from the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible notes on this passage.

Jesus delayed coming to his beloved friends until he was certain Lazarus was dead. Martha and Mary were incredulous about Jesus’ decision to wait. “Lord, if you had been here . . .” (v. 21). The discipline of delay is one of the hardest lessons we must learn, as followers of Jesus, especially when it is God who does the delaying. Only grace can enable us to accept God’s rich vocabulary of answers to our earnest prayers—“yes,” “no,” “not yet,” or even “yes, but it’s going to feel like no”—because we trust that he “is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20).

The more deeply we know and walk with Jesus, the more readily we accept God’s glory as our greatest good, even when it feels like such a momentary bad. As “the resurrection and the life,” Jesus is always writing better stories than we could ever pen. Martha and Mary would soon find this to be true.


Song of Response

Sermon Audio from Recent Sundays

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