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"Out of Egypt" - Exodus 11:1-13:16 (Larry Malament)

March 25, 2018 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 11:1– 13:16

Sermon quotes:

“According to 12:30 there was not a house without someone dead. The judgment of God had swept through the houses of the Egyptians, from the royal family at the top to the single-parent family of the slave girl at the bottom. This is undeniably true and, indeed, is central to the narrative. What is not so obvious is that there was also ‘someone dead’ in the houses of the Israelites too, for the lamb had died and had been brought in to the houses to provide the main part of the Passover feast."
~  J.A. Motyer
“The Passover is especially significant because it is about much more than deliverance from slavery.  In Exodus, through the Passover God transforms the Israelites by atoning for their sin and consecrating them as holy. Without the benefits of the Passover, the Israelites could not experience God’s presence with them in the future. Importantly, the Passover provides a model for divine salvation, revealing how those estranged from God may become his people. The Passover both models and anticipates a greater Exodus that comes through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.”
~  Desmond Alexander