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“The Story Continues On” - Exodus 20:18-21 (Larry Malament)

September 2, 2018 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 20:18–20:21

Sermon Quotes:

Matthew Henry: “The extraordinary terror with which the law was given. Never was any thing delivered with such awful pomp; every word was accented, and every sentenced paused, with thunder and lightening, much louder and brighter, no doubt, than ordinary. And why was the law given in this dreadful manner, and with all this tremendous ceremony? It was designed (once for all) to give a sensible discovery of the glorious majesty of God, for the assistance of our faith concerning it, that, knowing the terror of the Lord, we may be persuaded to live in his fear. It was a specimen of the terrors of the general judgment, in which sinners will be called to an account for the breach of this law; the archangel’s trumpet will then sound the alarm, to give notice of the Judge’s coming, and a fire shall devour him. It was an indication of the terror of those convictions which the law brings into conscience, to prepare the soul for the comforts of the gospel.”

J.A. Motyer: “The people’s fear, however understandable in such an awesome setting, was wholly improper. The marks and notes of grace, covenant, promise, welcome, redemption, and the sheltering wings of the God of Israel were plainly visible and audible.”