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“The Dwelling Place of God” - Exodus 24:12-27:19 (Larry Malament)

September 16, 2018 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 24:12–27:19

Sermon Quotes:

Philip Ryken: “The more we get to know the Israelites, the more we see how completely they broke God’s law. They were the kind of people who liked to serve other gods, worship idols they made with their own hands, forget the Sabbath, take things that didn’t belong to them, and generally break the commandments of God. Therefore, what was in the ark could not save them; it could only condemn them. The Law deposited in the ark condemned their sin, and God was right on top of it. This is why the lid to the ark was so important. Some modern translations call it “the atonement cover”. Other versions call it the mercy seat, a term first used by Martin Luther and then picked up by William Tyndale when he translated the bible into English…The mercy seat was the place where mercy was found – the mercy of forgiveness for sin.”

A.W. Pink – “There it stood, ever smoking, ever blood stained, ever open to any guilty Hebrew that might wish to approach it.”