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"Sin and Grace" - Exodus 27:20-31:18 (Larry Malament)

September 23, 2018 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 27:20–31:18

Sermon Quotes:

Philip Ryken  “There was only one problem with this arrangement. The high priest himself was a sinner. No matter how magnificent his clothes were – how holy, glorious, or beautiful they were – they could not hide the sin in his heart. The sacrifices the priests made were neither perfect nor permanent. The sacrifices the high priest offered were neither perfect nor permanent. He had to keep going back into the tabernacle over and over to make atonement, both for his own sin and for the sins of God’s people.”

Philip Ryken: “God has given all of us a sacred calling. We are priests of the living God, and we have a holy obligation to serve him. We no longer serve him in the tabernacle but in his holy sanctuary the church, and also in the world. We serve him by praising his name. We serve him by giving generously to the church. We serve him by binding up the wounds of the brokenhearted and embracing the outcasts of society. We serve him by loving those who are hard to love with the same merciful love that we have received from God in Christ. We serve him by telling people to trust in Jesus and by doing whatever we do for his glory.”