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"Spiritual Leadership" - Titus 1:5-9 (Larry Malament)

November 18, 2018 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: Titus

Scripture: Titus 1:5–9

Sermon Quotes:

Scott Manetsch writes: “When Calvin returned to Geneva from Strasbourg one of the most urgent tasks at hand was to recruit a new group of pastors for the churches of the city and countryside…unfortunately the Genevan church was forced to recruit a group of pastors who, although they showed promise, were still far from ideal. Calvin provided a blunt assessment of some of his colleagues more blatant weaknesses… are more of a hinderance than a help to us, he wrote. They are proud and self-conceited, have no zeal, and less learning. But what is worst of all, I cannot trust them, even though I very much wish I could.” 

Bryan Chapell: “Understanding that the requirements for elders relate primarily to how one lives before others helps explain Paul’s use of the word translated 'above reproach.'  The Greek term is a technical word meaning, 'not chargeable with some offense.' A person 'above reproach' in Paul’s usage is one whom others have no obvious reason to accuse for living inconsistently with his faith commitments.”

Bryan Chapell: “The literal statement of the apostle is that an elder must be “a one-woman man. The literal phrasing seems less concerned with one’s marital history and more focused on whether the man being considered for office is perceived as living in honesty, faithfulness, and devotion to his spouse.”

John Calvin: “Here, then, is the sovereign power with which the pastors of the church, by whatever name they be called, ought to be endowed. That is that they may dare boldly to do all things by God’s word; may compel all worldly power, glory, wisdom, and exaltation to yield to and obey his majesty supported by his power, may command all from the highest even to the last; may build up Christ’s household and cast down Satan’s; may feed the sheep and drive away the wolves; may instruct and exhort the teachable; may accuse, rebuke, and subdue the rebellious and stubborn; may bind and loose; finally, if need be, may launch thunderbolts and lightnings, but do all things in God’s word.”