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"Young Men: One Demand" - Titus 2:6-8 (Larry Malament)

January 20, 2019 Speaker: Larry Malament Series: Titus

Verse: Titus 2:6–2:8

Sermon Quotes:

Edmond Hiebert:Only one demand is made upon younger men…and it is a comprehensive demand that covers all of their lives.”

Robert Yarorough: “Everyone in the church should exhibit this quality. But young men are susceptible to particular blandishments (flattery) and allurements that detract from Godward aims. Even lawful pursuits and callings may become objects of idolatrous devotion. Titus’ challenge is to direct young men’s intensity and energy in redemptive directions, tethering them to God’s will and direction in their lives through the sound doctrine they receive."

John Stott: “The word Paul uses here is 'Typos”'– a prototype or pattern. We are familiar with the idea that Old Testament characters are ‘types’ for us to learn from. What happened to them, we are told, occurred as examples, and was recorded in scripture as a warning or exhortation to us. But God has not provided us with dead models only (whether patriarchs in the Old Testament or Apostles in the new); he wants us to have living models as well, and chief among these should be the pastors of the local church."

Robert Yarbrough: “By a life rich in good works, Titus points beyond himself and his teaching to the God he serves and the Christ whose gospel he ministers…for Titus and all the groups he admonishes, their tasks consist, ‘not in acquisition of some special knowledge, not in arriving at peculiar experiences of the divine grace, but in transformation of the daily affairs that fill up everyday life."

John MacArthur: “The true effectiveness of evangelism does not come from man-made methods, strategy, or marketing techniques adapted from the culture, but from the genuine virtue, moral purity, and godliness of believers whose lives give proof of the truth of God’s word and the power of Christ to redeem men from sin. That is what silences the critics and makes the gospel believable.”