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"From Anguish to Assurance" - Psalm 13 (Larry Malament)

May 26, 2019 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: No Series

Scripture: Psalm 13

Sermon Quotes:

Tremper Longman: “As we read the Psalms, we are entering into the sanctuary, the place where God meets men and women in a special way.  They were composed in response to some life situation.  When the psalmist experienced God’s love and salvation in his life, he sang with hymns of joy.  When he experienced hardship, he composed a lament.  When God answered his petition, he thanked God.”

Ralph Dale Davis: “How glad we should be to have worn and tear-stained pages as a stated part of this prayer book of the bible.”

Ralph Dale Davis: “It’s one matter to wade through crud and darkness and anxiety and mockery, but when you never seem to come out on the other end, when you seem to be marooned in the thick of the mess and hanging on by your fingernails and days pass and nothing changes and God doesn’t meet your last conceivable deadline before you cave in – what then? ‘How much longer?' The danger is not that we will blow out but wear out.”

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