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"The Servant, Submission, and the Savior" - 1 Peter 2:18-25 (Larry Malament)

October 27, 2019 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: 1 Peter

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:18–2:25

Sermon Quotes:

Doug Moo: “At first sight, Paul’s command that slaves obey their masters seems simply to endorse that status quo. But we need to see that what he writes here also subtly undermines it. It is significant that Paul chooses to address slaves at all, implying not only that they are assembled with the other Christians of the Colossian church to hear the letter being read but that they are responsible people who need to choose a certain kind of behavior.  Paul never hints that he endorses the institution of slavery.  He tells slaves and masters how they are to conduct themselves within the institution, but it is a bad misreading into his teaching to imply he is supportive.”

F.B. Meyer commented that whenever there is such suffering, “there is a thrill of delight started through the very heart of God, and from the throne God stoops to say, Thank you.”

Robert Mounce: “It is most extraordinary when an innocent person accepts unjust suffering with patience and calmness. But then Christians are expected to be extraordinary people.”

John Calvin: “Nothing seems more unworthy and therefore less tolerable, than undeservedly to suffer, but when we turn our eyes to the Son of God, this bitterness is mitigated, for who would refuse to follow him as he goes before us?”

Edmond Hiebert: “'His steps' are the guide to direct the course of the Christian’s life. Those footsteps beckon him to follow. Those who have accepted Christ as savior are challenged to follow his example. His footsteps lead into the valley of humiliation, even to its lowest and darkest depths, but they also surely and confidently lead through the valley, ending at the throne of glory.”