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"A Husband's Resolve" - 1 Peter 3:7 (Larry Malament)

November 24, 2019 Preacher: Larry Malament Series: 1 Peter

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:7–3:7

Sermon Quotes:

Edmond Hiebert: “The wife may be considered weak because of her role as a wife. She, by marrying, has accepted a position where she submits herself to her husband. Such a position is vulnerable, open to exploitation. The husband is commanded not to take advantage of the woman’s vows of submission. Her acceptance of a position of weakness in submission to him is a call to her husband for consideration and thoughtful support.”

Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre  “A gentle and quiet spirit is not a personality trait. It is the quality of a woman who meets adversity – slander, sickness, rejection, and loss – with a calm confidence in God. A gentle woman is a woman of remarkable strength and tenacity, because she does not attack back when someone sins against her. Rather, she waits on God. Knowing that God is just, she can suffer without bitterness.”   

Thomas Schreiner: “In what sense are women 'weaker'? Nothing else in the New Testament suggests that women are intellectually inferior, nor is it clear that women are weaker emotionally, for in many ways the vulnerability of women in sharing their emotions and feelings demonstrates that they are more courageous and stronger than men emotionally. Nor did Peter suggest that men are actually better Christians than women, which is not taught elsewhere in Scripture, nor is it evident in history. The most obvious meaning, therefore, is that women are weaker than men in terms of sheer strength.”

Wayne Grudem: “So concerned is God that Christian husbands live in an understanding and loving way with their wives, that he interrupts his relationship with them when they are not doing so. No Christian husband should presume to think that any spiritual good will be accomplished by his life without an effective ministry of prayer. And no husband may expect an effective prayer life unless he lives with his wife in an understanding way, bestowing honor on her.”