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Parenting Seminar

Parenting 2

Last weekend, the parents of Grace Church gathered to be taught from God’s Word on the high calling of parenting. John and Devon walked through the importance of teaching our children to know God, know themselves, and know the world around them. While our modern age teaches us that knowledge is the gaining of information for personal profit, scripture shows us that true knowledge is actually relationship. Devon stated that “children are created in the image of God for relationship with God.” Therefore, a right understanding of who God is, and who our children are in relation to Him, is the only way they will be able to rightly relate to the world around them. For parents, the tendency can be to look for a method, a procedure, or a practice that will guarantee good results. Instead, we must parent toward a relationship with God that extends to all knowledge, and ask God to do the work of salvation in our children that only He can do.

The audio for all three sessions is below and each session is followed by a time of Q&A. Please note that the audience questions are difficult to hear, but the pastors' answers impart the essence of the questions asked.

Leading a Child to Know God (John Loftness)

Leading a Child to Know Themselves (Devon Kauflin)

Leading a Child to Know the World Around Them (John Loftness)