April 14, 2019

"The Gospel According to Esther" Esther 5:1-14 (Larry Malament)

Preacher: Larry Malament Series: Esther Scripture: Esther 5:1–14

Sermon Quotes:

David Strain: “This is what is happening in Esther 5. Three days under the shadow of death, and on the third, not death, but life. Which, of course, is immensely suggestive of 'Another', upon whose shoulders the duty of acting on behalf of the people of God fell. The heroism of Esther in the throne room of Ahasuerus, as dramatic as it was, pales before the heroic deliverance from death won for the whole people of God by the Lord Jesus Christ, who was, ‘delivered for our trespasses and, on the third day, raised for our justification'. Life not death. That is what He won for all who trust in him. Esther’s story is a shadow of the One to come, who does far more than she. Esther wins favor and is spared unjust condemnation. But Jesus, who was not guilty, was nevertheless made the object of divine wrath and was condemned. Esther lived, but Jesus died that we might live… He did it instead of us. He died, the just for the unjust, to bring us to God. That is the good news we have. Apart from faith in Jesus we are guilty before God and under the sentence of death. But Jesus died that guilty sinners like us might live.  The golden scepter was held out to Esther as she acted on behalf of her people. She was spared, but Jesus was not. He died for his people at the cross. The good news is that the sentence has been fulfilled, the penalty satisfied, for anyone who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Ian Duguid: “Our God invites us to come into his presence regularly, indeed, frequently, so that we may make known to him our petitions and requests. No special subtlety is required in framing our desires. We don’t need flowery court language or crafty psychological maneuvers to trick God into giving us what we need. On the contrary, he is a Father to us, and if even earthly fathers provide good things for their children, how much more will our heavenly Father give us the things we need to grow and prosper?  This contrast is not because there is no cost to gain access to the King, however. Our entry to the heavenly court is free, but it was not cheaply bought. As sinners, a death is required before we can enter the presence of the all-holy One. God can hold out the golden scepter of favor to us only because the fierce rod of his judgment has fallen upon Christ.”

Byran Gregory: “As quickly as he felt his pride stroked by the royal couple, he now feels it wounded by his most hated nemesis."

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