Life Together


This past Sunday—while a tear-stained day because of Larry's absence—was a remarkable day testifying to the grace of God in the life of our church. I treasure your warm encouragement and generous support as I transition into this new role of lead pastor and I thank God for you all.

Pull up a chair and get comfortable. I want to take a moment to provide an update as we look ahead to the next several weeks. The Lord has given us much to look forward to together.

December 18

This Sunday we will look forward together to Christ's second-coming as we look back at God's love and faithfulness put on display in Christ's first-coming. We will share punch and cookies together afterward, and there will also be some poinsettias available for those who may want to bring them home. As always, guests are more than welcome to join us as we enjoy this time of worship and fellowship together.

December 25

We have the unique privilege of gathering together for our Lord's Day worship on Christmas morning at our usual time of 10:30 AM at Hallie Wells MS (Christmas on a Sunday won't happen again until 2033!). Our worship together on this day is a wonderful statement of our hope and the joy that is found in this baby who has come to save us. I hope to see you there.

January 8

I am really looking to seeing Chris Mays ordained as an elder of our church (finally!). He has been such a gift to Grace Church as he faithfully brings God's Word to bear on our lives through his faithful care. The church will be providing an Italian lunch after our time of corporate worship to celebrate this significant day in our church's life. 

We will also hold our catechism class on this Sunday and January 22 for our elementary age children at 9:30 AM before our time of corporate worship. In February we will resume holding this class on the first and third Sundays of each month.

January 13-14

Parents, please mark these dates on your calendar. From Friday night through Saturday midday we will be holding a parenting seminar for the parents of Grace Church. I am excited about what John has planned for this time and for how it will serve us all. Additional details will be coming soon.

January 15

As you all have seen, Fengyu and Fangzhou are already having a wonderful impact on the life of Grace Church and we are so grateful that they are here with us. On January 15, Fengyu will be preaching at our church for the first time. Please be praying for him as he prepares, and especially as he will be preaching in his second-language. I am looking forward to how the Lord will speak to us through our brother's faithful proclamation.

Inclement Weather Notification

Lastly, as we enter the winter months inclement weather is always a possibility. In the case of inclement weather, we will not meet if MCPS closes their facilities. However, if they are open we will always plan on gathering together on Sunday. If there is a cancellation, we will inform the church via email and also post the cancellation on our website.


Thank you for reading to this point! Our full church calendar reflects the reality that—even in our sorrow—God goes with us and continues to pour out his grace on us. It is such a privilege to enjoy life in him together.